39 Northfield Drive  
Waterloo, Ontario  
N2L 4E6  

Phone: 519 884-4901  
FAX: 519 746-5643  


  COVID Procedures

We are trying to accommodate our customers by permitting 3 adults into the showroom at one time.

1. Appointments
  1. Entry into the showroom is by appointment only
      Call 519-884-4901
      One hour slots are available between 9am and 3pm

  2. Masks are mandatory
  3. You will have to use provided hand sanitizer
  4. We will check your temperature with a Non-Touch Infra Red Thermometer
  5. We will also sign you in and out in case there is a need for Contact Tracing

2. Pickups
  1. Please call in advance to arrange pick-up
  2. We require 1 hours notice to prepare your order
  3. Your order will be staged out back in our enclosed bay
  4. Required payments can be made at our front door (see below)

3. Payments
  1. We only accept payment by cash, cheque or etransfer
      No Credit Cards or Debit Cards

  2. Send etransfers to accounting@northfieldtrimanddoor.ca

    This is an autodeposit account and will not prompt for a password